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Sugar teaser 1464087670

How do small sugars bind to each other?

May 03, 2016
Broadband rotational spectroscopy reveals the precise structure of the glycolaldehyde dimer [more]
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Viewing a catalytic reaction in action

May 02, 2016
An international team of researchers monitors the steps of a chemical reaction mediated by a metallic surface [more]
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Unraveling a truly one-dimensional carbon solid

April 04, 2016
Researchers present a direct first proof of stable ultra-long 1D carbon chains, thus paving the way for the bulk production of carbyne [more]
Nanoribbon square 1458052100

The properties of light can be controlled by means of nanostructures

March 15, 2016
A study led by Angel Rubio has simulated a new device to generate terahertz radiation using carbon nanostructures [more]
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A direct view on spin-waves

February 25, 2016
Spin-waves are promising candidates for future information processing schemes as there is almost no frictional heating in magnetic transport. Information encoding, however, is only possible in spin-wave packets. A group of Hamburg-based CUI researchers has succeeded in creating and capturing such defined wave-packets in slow-motion videos. The team describes its experimental set-up for uncovering the ultrafast processes in the interdisciplinary journal Scientific Reports. In addition, the experiment generated a wave-motion which approaches the excitation region from a distance rather than emerging out of it. The motion contradicts human intuition similar to a “moonwalk”. [more]
Quadrat 1454947371

Superconductivity: footballs with no resistance

February 08, 2016
Indications of light-induced lossless electricity transmission in fullerenes contribute to the search for superconducting materials for practical applications [more]
Camphor square 1452698214

Wetting Camphor

January 13, 2016
An international collaboration centered in Melanie Schnell’s group from the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter at CFEL in Hamburg carried out the first multi-isotopic substitution experiments to precisely determine the structure of a microsolvated organic molecule. Their study recently appeared in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters and shows a new approach for understanding how solvation takes place at its early stages. [more]
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