The Max Planck Society – in 75 Seconds

Knowledge is everything. And basic research is the most important process to understand our world and broaden our horizon. Among all the basic research institutions worldwide, the Max Planck Society provides one of the best environments for top scientists. But how exactly do we make this possible? Here it is – Explained in 75 sconds.


PhD Programme

The IMPRS-UFAST offers a structured doctoral programme which combines thesis research with a varied programme of academic training and skills development opportunities. Students will focus on a research project in a chosen area which they will largely work on independently guided by their supervisor. Further opportunities for teamwork and discussions exit in the working group in which the project is embedded as well as within the wider context of the research environment.

Students will benefit from courses and workshops covering a wide variety of special topic and taught by renowned experts in their field. Courses can be chosen according to the specialisation. Finally, a set of transferable skills courses are offered to give students the best possible foundation for their future careers (for details see curriculum).

IMPRS-UFAST students normally graduate from the programme with a doctorate (Dr. rer. nat) after 3 years which is awarded by the Universität Hamburg. An extension of the doctoral studies period may be possible. The programme starts in autumn each year and is entirely in English to facilitate discussion amongst the international audience of the School.

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