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MPSD mourns the death of a colleague

August 08, 2017

We mourn the death of our colleague Kyung Min Lee, who was a passionate mountaineer and has died while climbing Mont Blanc. He was a Phd student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Angel Rubio in the theory department of the MPSD and collaborating closely with Prof. Massimo Altarelli and Dr. Shunsuke Sato. He was making excellent progress.
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Prof. Rubio, the MPSD's managing director who also leads the theory department, describes Kyung Min Lee as a friendly and radiant person. "Kyung Min was an interested, ambitious young man. He was involved in the South Korean faith community in Hamburg, he loved the mountains and was passionate about climbing. We have not yet begun to really comprehend this tragedy and we will miss him very much."

Kyung Min Lee had worked at the MPSD since August 2015, where he carried out research into the interaction of solid systems with ultrashort and intense laser pulses. He was also a member of the International Max Planck Research School of Ultrafast Imaging and Structural Dynamics.

The 32-year-old scientist's funeral service took place in France on Monday while many of his colleagues attended a memorial event at the institute in Hamburg.

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