Here you can find upcoming events of the MPSD institute.


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MPSD Workshop on Non-equilibrium phenomena at short length scales and in low dimensions

Invited Speakers: Jessica M. Anna, Dimitri N. Basov, Jacqueline Bloch, Andreas Heinrich, Shahal Ilani , Sebastian Loth (MPSD), Frank Koppens, Kurt Kremer, Sebastian Schmidt, Tal Schwartz, Feng Wang. [more]


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Non-equlibrium Quantum Matter - Workshop (Mainz)

This workshop will bring together leadings experts, both experimentalists and theorists, who are going to present some of the most exciting recent developments in non-equilibrium many-body physics.Topics will include light-induced superconductivity, topological Floquet states, solitons in superfluids, driven cold atom systems, and many more.If you would like to attend the workshop, please visit our webpage to find the preliminary program and the online application form, which has to be submitted before February 22nd. [more]

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