Research of the Institute


Condensed Matter Dynamics
Prof. Dr. Andrea Cavalleri

Atomically Resolved Dynamics
Prof. Dr. R. J. Dwayne Miller

Prof. Dr. Angel Rubio


Max Planck Research Groups:

Otto-Hahn-Group: Ultrafast Electron Dynamics
Dr. Isabella Gierz

Quantum Optics with X-Rays
Dr. Nina Rohringer

Structure and Dynamics of Cold and Controlled Molecules
PD Dr. Melanie Schnell


Scientific Service Units (SSU):

SSU Machine Physics
Dr. Friedjof Tellkamp

SSU Ultrafast Electronics
PD Dr. Guido Meier


Several research groups are as guests in the MPSD. They are established at the Universität Hamburg and at various Max Planck Institutes.

Max Planck Research Groups at the Universität Hamburg:

Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics
Prof. Dr. Nils Huse
Universität Hamburg

Theory of Correlated Systems out of Equilibrium
Prof. Dr. Martin Eckstein (UHH)
Universität Hamburg


Associated Max Planck Research Groups:

Dynamics of Nanoelectronic Systems
Dr. Sebastian Loth
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart


Former Research Groups:

Theory of Complex Materials (2014–2015)
Dr. Alaska Subedi