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2019 Breakthrough Prize recipient Charles Kane gives Reimar Lüst Lecture at the MPSD

May 23, 2019
How can the symmetry and topology of a material help us to understand its electronic phases? That was the key question posed by world-renowned physicist Charles Kane in the annual Reimar Lüst lecture, which the MPSD was chosen to host this year. [more]
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Young researchers disover microscopy, lasers and light spectra at MPSD Girls' & Boys' Day

April 10, 2019
The MPSD had promised 'Ultrafast Lasers and Ultracool Physics' for the 2019 Girls’ & Boys’ Day – and those who took part were not disappointed! [more]
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Research campus around MPSD to become Science City

January 28, 2019
"Science will lead the development of a whole new urban quarter": Hamburg Senate reveals vast expansion plans for Bahrenfeld campus. [more]
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New research group begins its work at the MPSD

January 08, 2019
A new independent Max Planck Research Group has taken up its work at the MPSD. The Computational Nanoscale Imaging group, led by Kartik Ayyer, will focus on developing new methods to visualize nanoscale objects such as biomolecules.   [more]
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MPSD team promotes Institute at science fair in Boston

September 20, 2018
Science hub Hamburg in the spotlight at GAIN conference [more]
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Flying professors give talks on train for Max Planck Day

September 12, 2018
Scientists from three Max Planck Institutes in Hamburg give talks on historic underground train to celebrate Max Planck's legacy [more]
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Eryin Wang to receive Chorafas Prize

August 24, 2018
Dr Eryin Wang receives the Chorafas Prize for his work on the angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of 2D material heterostructures, which was the focus of his PhD. He works with director Andrea Cavalleri’s group in the Condensed Matter Dynamics Department of the MPSD.  [more]
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