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Unexpected flexibility found in odorant molecules

June 27, 2016
High resolution rotational spectroscopy reveals an unprecedented number of conformations of an odorant molecule – a new world record! [more]
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Ultra-fast X-ray Lasers Illuminate Elusive Atomic Spins

May 09, 2016
New x-ray technique reveals never-seen-before trillionth-of-a-second magnetic fluctuations [more]
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How do small sugars bind to each other?

May 03, 2016
Broadband rotational spectroscopy reveals the precise structure of the glycolaldehyde dimer [more]
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Viewing a catalytic reaction in action

May 02, 2016
An international team of researchers monitors the steps of a chemical reaction mediated by a metallic surface [more]
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Unraveling a truly one-dimensional carbon solid

April 04, 2016
Researchers present a direct first proof of stable ultra-long 1D carbon chains, thus paving the way for the bulk production of carbyne [more]
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The properties of light can be controlled by means of nanostructures

March 15, 2016
A study led by Angel Rubio has simulated a new device to generate terahertz radiation using carbon nanostructures [more]
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A direct view on spin-waves

February 25, 2016
Spin-waves are promising candidates for future information processing schemes as there is almost no frictional heating in magnetic transport. Information encoding, however, is only possible in spin-wave packets. A group of Hamburg-based CUI researchers has succeeded in creating and capturing such defined wave-packets in slow-motion videos. The team describes its experimental set-up for uncovering the ultrafast processes in the interdisciplinary journal Scientific Reports. In addition, the experiment generated a wave-motion which approaches the excitation region from a distance rather than emerging out of it. The motion contradicts human intuition similar to a “moonwalk”. [more]
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