German courses at Campus Bahrenfeld

Language courses

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Language courses for IMPRS fellows

English is the common language in the IMPRS-UFAST and you will conduct most of your academic work in this language.

However, knowing some German will invariably make your daily life easier and allow you to network better with people in- and outside of work.

All IMPRS-UFAST fellows are therefore encouraged to attend a German course.

At Campus Bahrenfeld courses are offered in cooperation with PIER Helmholtz Graduate School as well as by DESY Fortbildung. PIER courses are free for every fellow of IMPRS-UFAST, DESY courses cost a small fee (if you work at DESY, otherwise it's more expensive).

The Sprachenzentrum of Hamburg University offers language courses for students and employees of Hamburg University. The courses are free of charge. Course levels begin at A2 for German and B2 for all other languages.

Of course you can choose other German language courses and the costs may be covered by IMPRS up to a certain maximum. Please contact the IMPRS coordinator for advice.

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