Important IMPRS documents

At the beginning of your PhD studies at IMPRS-UFAST it is required to determine an Advisory Panel (see Advisory Panel Guidelines below).
Therefore please fill in the AP nomination form, as well as the supervision agreement below and submit both forms to the IMPRS-UFAST office.

To ensure your continuous and structured supervision it is mandatory to meet your AP at least once a year.The provided blank form has to be prepared in advance of your regular AP meetings.

Each year during the three years of your PhD studies it is also mandatory to attend 14 talks of IMPRS related colloquia.
Please use the form below to confirm your respective attendance.

Handling of documents

Please remember to make copies and scans of all your important documents.

For example a copy of your signed work contract is needed for visa purposes, to rent a flat, etc..

Important Documents for IMPRS Fellows

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Important documents and links for IMPRS-UFAST fellows

Dear IMPRS fellows,

on these pages you find the most important documents and links you need for your time in the IMPRS-UFAST and for your life in Hamburg.

You also find helping instructions for your admission as a doctoral student as well as information you need to finish your PhD.

Detailed information on the Advisory Panel system as one of the most important components for structured, continuous supervision and support of doctoral candidates in the IMPRS-UFAST can also be found on the following pages.

As part of the Max Planck Society, the IMPRS-UFAST is based on the same guilines and rules of good scientific practice. Please read them carefully!

Find a list of contact persons below:

Your contact person at the IMPRS office

Your contact persons at the "Promotionsbüro Physik"

Your contact person at the "Promotionsbüro Chemie"

If you are in need for support, mediation or consultation concerning problems in the matter of good scientific practice, you'll find neutral and independent help at the IMPRS office and at the Ombuds office of Hamburg University.


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