Since Geventis is the main tool used to book your IMPRS-UFAST courses, you should enroll as soon as possible (you will need your docata username and password).

A detailed manual on how to register for Geventis can be found here.

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Registration of supervisors

(For full details please also refer to the guidance on the IMPRS Advisory Panel System.)

The doctoral regulations of the MIN faculty give you the option to formally register supervisors as follows:

  1. You can opt to register one supervisor only which will usually be your main IMPRS supervisor.
  2. You can opt to register a supervisor and a co-advisor. Both advisors must also be the scientists serving on your IMPRS Advisory Panel.
  3. You can choose to register an Advisory Panel consisting of a supervisor, a co-advisor, and a panel chair. All three must be the scientists serving on your IMPRS Advisory Panel.

Please note that the supervisors registered at this stage will not necessarily all be the reviewers of your dissertation or part of your exam committee. You will be asked to suggest reviewers for your dissertation and your examination commission as you get ready to hand in your thesis for evaluation.

General information

Doctoral degree regulations

Start your PhD

Admission as doctoral candidate and matriculation at Hamburg University

With signing your contract you are accepted for a PhD position at IMPRS-UFAST but still you have to be accepted as a PhD student at the corresponding department at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN faculty), usually the Physics or Chemistry department and as a student at Hamburg University.

This needs to be done in two steps:

1. Admission as doctoral candidate

2. Matriculation at Hamburg University

Step 1: Admission as a doctoral candidate

  • Apply online at Docata-MIN:
  • Please note: Your email-address for Docata shold be your working address!
  • Open up an account and fill in the application form online
  • Hand in the papers listed below to the Office of Academic Affairs (“Studienbüro”) of your corresponding department.

Documents you will need to apply as a doctoral candidate:

  • Application, signed by your supervisor and you (online-form, you will find it in Docata)
  • Outline of your research project. Use the form “Forschungsskizze
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Publication list
  • Diploma of university degrees (copy, officially exemplified): Bachelor and Master
  • Transcript of Records (copy, officially exemplified): Bachelor and Master
  • A copy of your university entrance certifcation
  • A copy of your passport/ ID card
  • Only for international students: Master thesis on electronic disk: if not in German/English, include an abstract of 1-2 pages in German or English
  • Graduate School membership form
  • Supervision Agreement

Upon successful registration you will receive a written confirmation from the Studienbüro.

Please hand in a photocopy of this confirmation at the IMPRS office and keep the original for your personal files. The IMPRS office will provide you with further information on the admission process.

Step 2: Matriculation

Once you are accepted as a doctoral student at your department, you can start the matriculation at Hamburg University.

The matriculation must occur latest until the semester that follows the admission. You have to pay a semester fee of about 310€ each semester. This contribution includes a student ticket for the HVV public transport in Hamburg and the surrounding area (valid for one semester).

 Please be aware that the application process might take several weeks.

  • Submit the application in the online application portal STiNE. (A detailed manual on how to register for STiNE can be found here.)
  • Finally hand in the documents listed below to the Campus Center

Documents you will need to apply as a student at Hamburg University:

  • Printed application form from the online application in STiNE
  • The confirmation of admission or a notification from the Studienbüro
  • Diploma of university degree (officially exemplified)
  • Confirmation of your supervisor
  • Health insurance confirmation

Upon successful matriculation you will receive a preliminary confirmation of enrolment and instructions on how to pay your semester fee. Once the semester fee is paid, you will receive your full student ID.

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