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Comment on “Origin of symmetry-forbidden high-order harmonic generation in the time-dependent Kohn-Sham formulation”
Physical Review A 105 (4), 047101 (2022)
Transport in Stark many-body localized systems
G. Zisling, D. M. Kennes, Y. B. Lev
Physical Review B 105 (14), L140201 (2022)
Charge Transfer-Mediated Dramatic Enhancement of Raman Scattering upon Molecular Point Contact Formation
B. Cirera, Y. Litman, C. Lin, A. Akkoush, A. Hammud, M. Wolf, M. Rossi, T. Kumagai
Nano Letters 22 (6), 2170–2176 (2022)
Cavity-Modulated Proton Transfer Reactions
F. Pavošević, S. Hammes-Schiffer, A. Rubio, J. Flick
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (11), 4995–5002 (2022)
Quantum dot coupled to topological insulators: The role of edge states
M. T. Maurer, Y.-T. Lin, D. M. Kennes, M. Pletyukhov, H. Schoeller, V. Meden
Physical Review B 105 (11), 115419 (2022)
Selection rules in symmetry-broken systems by symmetries in synthetic dimensions
M. E. Tzur, O. Neufeld, E. Bordo, A. Fleischer, O. Cohen
Nature Communications 13 (1), 1312 (2022)
Nanometer-Scale Lateral p–n Junctions in Graphene/α-RuCl3 Heterostructures
D. J. Rizzo, S. Shabani, B. S. Jessen, J. Zhang, A. S. McLeod, C. Rubio-Verdú, F. L. Ruta, M. Cothrine, J. Yan, D. G. Mandrus, S. E. Nagler, A. Rubio, J. C. Hone, C. R. Dean, A. N. Pasupathy, D. N. Basov
Nano Letters 22 (5), 1946–1953 (2022)
A new Hall for quantum protection
Science 375 (6584), 976–977 (2022)
Two-step Brillouin zone sampling for efficient computation of electron dynamics in solids
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34 (9), 095903 (2022)
TU2FRG: a scalable approach for truncated unity functional renormalization group in generic fermionic models
J. B. Hauck, D. M. Kennes
The European Physical Journal B: Condensend Matter Physics 95 (3), 60 (2022)
TMDs as a platform for spin liquid physics: A strong coupling study of twisted bilayer WSe2
D. Kiese, Y. He, C. Hickey, A. Rubio, D. M. Kennes
APL Materials 10 (3), 031113 (2022)
Cavity quantum materials
Applied Physics Reviews 9 (1), 011312 (2022)
Single-Atom Reversible Lithiophilic Sites toward Stable Lithium Anodes
Z. Yang, Y. Dang, P. Zhai, Y. Wei, Q. Chen, J. Zuo, X. Gu, Y. Yao, X. Wang, F. Zhao, J. Wang, S. Yang, P. Tang, Y. Gong
Advanced Energy Materials 12 (8), 2103368 (2022)
Dynamical evolution of the Schottky barrier as a determinant contribution to electron–hole pair stabilization and photocatalysis of plasmon-induced hot carriers
M. Berdakin, G. Soldano, F. Bonafé, V. Liubov, B. Aradi, T. Frauenheimde, C. G. Sánchez
Nanoscale 14 (7), 2816–2825 (2022)
Excited-state band structure mapping
M. Puppin, C. W. Nicholson, C. Monney, Y. Deng, R. P. Xian, J. Feldl, S. Dong, A. Dominguez, H. Hübener, A. Rubio, M. Wolf, L. Rettig, R. Ernstorfer
Physical Review B 105 (7), 075417 (2022)
Moiré engineering of spin–orbit coupling in twisted platinum diselenide
L. Klebl, Q. Xu, A. Fischer, L. D. Xian, M. Claassen, A. Rubio, D. M. Kennes
Electronic Structure 4 (1), 014004 (2022)
Fano Resonance and Incoherent Interlayer Excitons in Molecular van der Waals Heterostructures
C. R. Lien-Medrano, F. Bonafé, C. Y. Yam, C.-A. Palma, C. G. Sánchez, T. Frauenheim
Nano Letters 22 (3), 911–917 (2022)
Evolution of Electronic Structure in Pristine and Rb-Reconstructed Surfaces of Kagome Metal RbV3Sb5
J. Yu, Z. Xu, K. Xiao, Y. Yuan, Q. Yin, Z. Hu, C. Gong, Y. Guo, Z. Tu, P. Tang, H. Lei, Q.-K. Xue, W. Li
Nano Letters 22 (3), 918–925 (2022)
Controlling Chemical Reactivity with Optimally Oriented Electric Fields: A Generalization of the Newton Trajectory Method
J. M. Bofill, W. Quapp, G. Albareda Piquer, I. P. R. de Moreira, J. Ribas-Ariño
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 18 (2), 935–952 (2022)
Unambiguous definition of handedness for locally chiral light
O. Neufeld, O. Cohen
Physical Review A 105 (2), 023514 (2022)
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