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Prestigious honorary doctorate for Max Planck director Prof R.J. Dwayne Miller

October 27, 2017
Professor R. J. Dwayne Miller has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Waterloo in Canada for his scientific achievements. He is a director of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter (MPSD) in Hamburg, Germany, where he leads the Atomically Resolved Dynamics Department. [more]
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Best Poster Award

July 18, 2017
At the 30th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC) 2017, Chiwon Lee has been recognized with the Best Poster Award [more]
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Pinball at the atomic level

March 27, 2017
New intermediate discovered for the photodissociation of triiodide anion, a classic textbook reaction. [more]
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2016 Editor's Choice article

March 24, 2017
The article "Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Desorption and Ion Separation following Picosecond Infrared Laser (PIRL) Ablation of an Ionic Aqueous Protein Solution" has been selected as a 2016 Editors’ Choice article [more]
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New laser concept that leaves no scars

December 28, 2016
The EU Research magazine released its latest issue with an article about The SUREPIRL project [more]
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R. J. Dwayne Miller becomes Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

June 09, 2016
Max Planck Director from Hamburg elected Fellow of one of the world’s most venerable chemistry communities [more]
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Dr. Karl-Robert Brauns Prize for Ophthalmology 2016

May 24, 2016
Joint research team of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf receives award for a recent work on laser eye surgery [more]
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