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Earlier publications of Sebastian Loth

Measurement of Fast Electron Spin Relaxation Times with Atomic Resolution
S. Loth, M. Etzkorn, C. P. Lutz, D. M. Eigler, and A. J. Heinrich
Science 329, 1628–1630 (2010)
Controlling the state of quantum spins with electric currents
S. Loth, K. v. Bergmann, M. Ternes, A. F. Otte, C. P. Lutz, and A. J. Heinrich
Nature Physics 6, 340–344 (2010)
The role of magnetic anisotropy in the Kondo effect
A. F. Otte, M. Ternes, K. v. Bergmann, S. Loth, H. Brune, C. P. Lutz, C. F. Hirjibehedin, and A. J. Heinrich
Nature Physics 4, 847–850 (2008)
Controlled Charge Switching on a Single Donor with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
K. Teichmann, M. Wenderoth, S. Loth, R. G. Ulbrich, J. K. Garleff, A. P. Wijnheijmer, and P. M. Koenraad
Physical Review Letters 101, 076103 (2008)
Probing Semiconductor Gap States with Resonant Tunneling
S. Loth, M. Wenderoth, L. Winking, R. G. Ulbrich, S. Malzer, and G. H. Döhler
Physical Review Letters 96, 066403 (2006)
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