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  1. 2018
    Rajasekaran, S.; Okamoto, J.; Mathey, L.; Fechner, M.; Thampy, V.; Gu, G. D.; Cavalleri, A.: Probing optically silent superfluid stripes in cuprates. Science 359 (6375), pp. 575 - 579 (2018)
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  3. Yuhara, J.; Fujii, Y.; Nishino, K.; Isobe, N.; Nakatake, M.; Xian, L.; Rubio, A.; Le Lay, G.: Large area planar stance epitaxially grown on Ag(1 1 1). 2D Materials 5 , 025002, pp. 1 - 8 (2018)
  4. 2017
    Jha, A.; Duan, H.-G.; Tiwari, V.; Nayak, P. K.; Snaith, H. J.; Thorwart, M.; Miller, R. J. D.: Direct Observation of Ultrafast Exciton Dissociation in Lead Iodide Perovskite by 2D Electronic Spectroscopy. ACS Photonics (2017)
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  6. Schulz, E.-C.; Kaub, J.; Busse, F.; Mehrabi, P.; Müller-Werkmeister, H.; Pai, E. F.; Robertson, W.; Miller, R. J. D.: Protein crystals IR laser ablated from aqueous solution at high speed retain their diffractive properties: applications in high-speed serial crystallography. Journal of Applied Crystallography (2017)
  7. Ischenko, A. A.; Weber, P. M.; Miller, R. J. D.: Transient structures and chemical reaction dynamics. Russian Chemical Reviews (2017)
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  9. Hada, M.; Saito, S.; Tanaka, S.; Sato, R.; Masahiko, Y.; Mouri, K.; Matsuo, K.; Yamaguchi, S.; Hara, M.; Hayashi, Y. et al.; Röhricht, F.; Herges, R.; Shigeta, Y.; Onda, K.; Miller, R. J. D.: Structural Monitoring of the Onset of Excited-State Aromaticity in a Liquid Crystal Phase. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017)
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  13. Duan, H.-G.; Prokhorenko, V.; Wientjes, E.; Croce, R.; Thorwart, M.; Miller, R. J. D.: Primary Charge Separation in the Photosystem II Reaction Center Revealed by a Global Analysis of the Two-dimensional Electronic Spectra. Scientific Reports (2017)
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  16. Nicoletti, D.; Casandruc, E.; Fu, D.; Giraldo-Gallo, P.; Fisher, I.; Cavalleri, A.: Anomalous relaxation kinetics and charge density wave correlations in underdoped BaPb1-xBixO3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2017)
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  25. Badali, D. S.; Miller, R. J. D.: Robust reconstruction of time-resolved diffraction from ultrafast streak cameras. Structural Dynamics (2017)
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