Application requirements


  • For the purpose of admission to IMPRS-UFAST, candidates must have obtained a M.Sc. degree, a German Diplom or a degree equivalent to either of these (e.g. a "Laurea" which includes a Master's Thesis) in field of Physics, Biology or Chemistry.
  • Degrees of applicants from foreign countries will have to be approved by the admissions and registration office of the University of Hamburg or the institution that will award the degree. This process is managed by the IMPRS-UFAST office.
  • Students who are in the final stages of their M.Sc. degree but have not yet graduated can submit an application but must have completed the Masters degree prior to starting the programme at IMPRS-UFAST.
  • Candidates who have obtained a Masters degree which did not include a thesis component may be admitted to the programme if sufficient proof of research activities (e.g. publications, papers) can be provided.

Academic background

Applicants to IMPRS-UFAST come from different educational and scientific backgrounds. Each thus brings a different set of academic experience and different degree of prior knowldge in the field of structural dynamics and ultrafast imaging. For this reason applications can generally be considered from candidates with a M.Sc. degree in the fields of Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Further judgement about the suitability of a candidate will be made on the statement of motivation and the transcript of records submitted as part of the application.

All applicants should demonstrate motivation and committment to pursue doctoral studies in one of the areas offered in the School. They will be required to work indepently as well as contribute to team discussions.

English language

English is the medium of communication and instruction in the IMPRS-UFAST. It is therefore important that candidates are proficient in the use of the language to reap the full benefits. For the application process, candidates will be required to submit the results of a formal English language proficiency test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Advanced or Professional English test). This requirement may be waived if a candidate is an English native speaker or has taken the first and/or second degree at an institution where English is the official medium of instruction. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

For the purpose of the online application a scanned copy of the test results is acceptable. The original certificate must be presented once accepted into the IMPRS.

For admission to IMPRS-UFAST the following English language tests are acceptable:
TOEFL iBT, TOEFL (computer based), TOEFL (internet based), IELTS, Cambridge Advanced English test (CAE), Cambridge Professional English test (CPE).

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