Occupational Health Management (OHM)

Occupational Health Management (OHM)



The INTRANET does not only provide links to the latest information, but also useful tips on home office.
You will find live stream sport & relaxation classes, too.


Occupational Health Management includes many different initiatives to improve and maintain staff health. It is the hub of all health-focused activities at the MPSD. These include health and safety measures and Occupational Health Promotion (OHP) and Occupational Integration Management (OIM).

In the Intranet there are all relevant information on OHP (health days, fitness and wellness classes etc.) and OIM (reintegration of staff after prolonged periods of sick leave).

With the support of the TK health insurance, the MPSD aims to promote and maintain the health and well-being of all employees. Those aspects include preventive as well as corrective measures, targeting both environmental conditions and individual awareness of the employees.

These initiatives are already in place:

  • Gymnastic balls at the workplaces
  • Water dispenser (in the CFEL foyer – employees should bring their own drinks container)
  • Health Day - once a year
  • Open consultation hour surgery with our Institute physician Dr. Küstermann – quarterly, employees don't need an appointment
  • The Institute subsidizes the purchase of computer glasses. Interested employees can use health@mpsd.mpg.de for more information.

EMAP - Counselling Service

As part of its Occupational Health Management (BGM) program, the Max Planck Society now offers the Employee and Manager Assistance Program. EMAP is an external, anonymous on-the-spot counselling service offered by the Fürstenberg Institute, which Max-Planck-Society employees and scholarship holders may use. Infos on how to use this service are here in the Intranet

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