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IT computer remote support


The MPSD IT department offers remote support for computer problems on Mac, Windows and Linux computers using the Teamviewer software. Remote support is especially helpful when you are abroad or somewhere else on the campus.

To do so please select the respective binary above and download it to your computer. Please also call Peter/Bjoern (6212 or 2806), of course we have to start the remote control software too.

The session will not become active unless you tell us (best by phone) the unique password that the software creates on startup. This password will change every time you initiate a new session.

Please note:
When the session is active your screen content will be shown on the remote side and we will virtually sit in front of your desktop. PLEASE CLOSE any programs or documents that you want to hide from other people's eyes.

You can stop the remote support session at any time you like. Nobody will be able to remotely control your computer without your knowledge or agreement.

No software will remain on your computer when you delete the binary nor will the program run in the background afterwards. You don't need admin rights to run the software, so it is even possible to start it from a public computer somewhere in the world (It is a standalone program, which does not need to be installed and therefore doesn't affect the local Windows system). If you want more information please check the website of Teamviewer ( They also provide software for Linux distributions.

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