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  1. Journal Article
    Roman Bertoni, Christopher Nicholson, Lutz Waldecker, Hannes Hübener, Claude Monney, Umberto De Giovannini, Michele Puppin, Moritz Hoesch, Emma Springate, Richard T. Chapman, Cephise Cacho, Martin Wolf, Angel Rubio, and Ralph Ernstorfer, "Generation and evolution of spin-, valley- and layer-polarized excited carriers in inversion-symmetric WSe2," Physical Review Letters 117 (27), 277201 (2016).
  2. Journal Article
    Daniel Wegkamp, Marc Herzog, Lede Xian, Matteo Gatti, Pierluigi Cudazzo, Christina L. McGahan, Robert E. Marvel, Richard F. Haglund, Angel Rubio, Martin Wolf, and Julia Stähler, "Instantaneous Band Gap Collapse in Photoexcited Monoclinic VO2 due to Photocarrier Doping," Physical Review Letters 113 (21), 216401 (2014).
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