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  1. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Rui Xian, Gastón Corthey, David M. Rogers, Carole A. Morrison, Valentyn Prokhorenko, Stuart A. Hayes, and R. J. Dwayne Miller, "Coherent ultrafast lattice-directed reaction dynamics of triiodide anion photodissociation," Nature Chemistry 9 (6), 516-522 (2017).
  2. Zeitschriftenartikel
    Khalid M. Siddiqui, Gastón Corthey, Stuart A. Hayes, Andreas Rossos, Daniel S. Badali, Rui Xian, R. Scott Murphy, Benjamin J Whitaker, and R. J. Dwayne Miller, "Synchronised photoreversion of spirooxazine ring opening in thin crystals to uncover ultrafast dynamics," CrystEngComm 18 (38), 7212-7216 (2016).

Konferenzbeitrag (2)

  1. Konferenzbeitrag
    R. Xian, G. Corthey, S. A. Hayes, C. A. Morrison, D. M. Rogers, A. Marx, V. Prokhorenko, C. Lu, and R. J. D. Miller, "Towards Atomically-Resolved Structural Changes during a Solid State Geminate Recombination Reaction", in International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, (OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America), Washington, DC, United States, 2016), Vol. 2016.
  2. Konferenzbeitrag
    Rui Xian, Valentyn Prokhorenko, Ryan L. Field, and R. J. Dwayne Miller, "Coherent Control of the Photodissociation of Triiodide in Solution Reveals New Pathways", in Springer Proceedings in Physics, (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2015), Vol. 162, pp. 382-385.
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