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Probing Transient Valence Orbital Changes with Picosecond Valence-to-Core X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
A. M. March, T. A. Assefa, C. Boemer, C. Bressler, A. Britz, M. Diez, G. Doumy, A. Galler, M. Harder, D. Khakhulin, Z. Németh, M. Pápai, S. Schulz, S. H. Southworth, H. Yavaş, L. Young, W. Gawelda, G. Vankó
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (5), 2620–2626 (2017)
A multi-MHz single-shot data acquisition scheme with high dynamic range: pump–probe X-ray experiments at synchrotrons
A. Britz, T. A. Assefa, A. Galler, W. Gawelda, M. Diez, P. Zalden, D. Khakhulin, B. Fernandes, P. Gessler, H. S. Namin, A. Beckmann, M. Harder, H. Yavaşd, C. Bressler
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 23 (6), 1409–1423 (2016)
Femtosecond X-Ray Scattering Study of Ultrafast Photoinduced Structural Dynamics in Solvated [Co(terpy)2]2+
E. Biasin, T. B. van Driel, K. S. Kjær, A. O. Dohn, M. Christensen, T. Harlang, P. Chabera, Y. Liu, J. Uhlig, M. Pápai, Z. Németh, R. Hartsock, W. Liang, J. Zhang, R. Alonso-Mori, M. Chollet, J. M. Glownia, S. Nelson, D. Sokaras, T. A. Assefa, A. Britz, A. Galler, W. Gawelda, C. Bressler, K. J. Gaffney, H. T. Lemke, K. B. Møller, M. M. Nielsen, V. Sundström, G. Vankó, K. Wärnmark, S. E. Canton, K. Haldrup
Physical Review Letters 117 (1), 013002 (2016)
Time-resolved pump and probe x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy at beamline P11 at PETRA III
D. Göries, B. Dicke, P. Roedig, N. Stübe, J. Meyer, A. Galler, W. Gawelda, A. Britz, P. Geßler, H. S. Namin, A. Beckmann, M. Schlie, M. Warmer, M. Naumova, C. Bressler, M. Rübhausen, E. Weckert, A. Meents
Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (5), 053116 (2016)
Detailed Characterization of a Nanosecond-Lived Excited State: X-ray and Theoretical Investigation of the Quintet State in Photoexcited [Fe(terpy)2]2+
G. Vankó, A. Bordage, M. Pápai, K. Haldrup, P. Glatzel, A. M. March, G. Doumy, A. Britz, A. Galler, T. Assefa, D. Cabaret, A. Juhin, T. B. van Driel, K. S. Kjær, A. Dohn, K. B. Møller, H. T. Lemke, E. Gallo, M. Rovezzi, Z. Németh, E. Rozsályi, T. Rozgonyi, J. Uhlig, V. Sundström, M. M. Nielsen, L. Young, S. H. Southworth, C. Bressler, W. Gawelda
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (11), 5888–5902 (2015)
Ionization with low-frequency fields in the tunneling regime
J. Dura, N. Camus, A. Thai, A. Britz, M. Hemmer, M. Baudisch, A. Senftleben, C. D. Schröter, J. Ullrich, R. Moshammer, J. Biegert
Scientific Reports 3, 2675 (2013)
NAIS: Nuclear activation-based imaging spectroscopy
M. M. Günther, A. Britz, R. J. Clarke, K. Harres, G. Hoffmeister, F. Nürnberg, A. Otten, A. Pelka, M. Roth, K. Vogt
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (7), 073305 (2013)

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Development of High-Power Laser Based Nuclear Applications
M. M. Günther, J. Schütrumpf, A. Britz, K. Vogt, K. Sonnabend, M. Roth
Fusion Science and Technology, vol. 61, La Grange Park, IL: American Nuclear Society; 2012, S. 231–236

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Ultrafast X-ray Spectroscopies of Transition Metal Complexes Relevant for Catalysis
Universität Hamburg, 2017
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