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A modular and compact portable mini-endstation for high-precision, high-speed fixed target serial crystallography at FEL and synchrotron sources
D. A. Sherrell, A. J. Foster, L. Hudson, B. Nutter, J. O'Hea, S. Nelson, O. Paré-Labrosse, S. Oghbaey, R. J. D. Miller, R. L. Owena
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 22 (6), 1372–1378 (2015)
Terahertz-driven linear electron acceleration
E. A. Nanni, W. R. Huang, K.-H. Hong, K. Ravi, A. Fallahi, G. Moriena, R. J. D. Miller, F. X. Kärtner
Nature Communications 6, 8486 (2015)
Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of Light-Harvesting Complex II at Ambient Temperature: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (36), 12017–12027 (2015)
A closed-loop pump-driven wire-guided flow jet for ultrafast spectroscopy of liquid samples
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (9), 093105 (2015)
Fixed target matrix for femtosecond time-resolved and in situ serial micro-crystallography
C. Mueller, A. Marx, S. W. Epp, Y. P. Zhong, A. Kuo, A. R. Balo, J. Soman, F. Schotte, H. T. Lemke, R. L. Owen, E. F. Pai, A. R. Pearson, J. S. Olson, P. A. Anfinrud, O. P. Ernst, R. J. D. Miller
Structural Dynamics 2 (5), 054302 (2015)
Note: A simple image processing based fiducial auto-alignment method for sample registration
W. Robertson, L. R. Porto, C. J. X. Ip, M. K. T. Nantel, F. Tellkamp, Y. Lu, R. J. D. Miller
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (8), 086105 (2015)
Towards instantaneous cellular level bio diagnosis: laser extraction and imaging of biological entities with conserved integrity and activity
L. Ren, W. Robertson, R. Reimer, C. Heinze, C. Schneider, D. Eggert, P. Truschow, N.-O. Hansen, P. Krötz, J. Zou, R. J. D. Miller
Nanotechnology 26 (28), 284001 (2015)
Fiber tip-based electron source
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 33 (3), 03C101 (2015)
Field emission beam characteristics of single metal nanotip cathodes with on-chip collimation gate electrode
C. Lee, P. Das Kanungo, V. Guzenko, P. Hefenstein, R. J. D. Miller, S. Tsujino
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 33 (3), 03C111 (2015)
Reduction of thermocoagulative injury via use of a picosecond infrared laser (PIRL) in laryngeal tissues
A. Böttcher, S. Kucher, R. Knecht, N. Jowett, P. Krötz, R. Reimer, U. Schumacher, S. Anders, A. Münscher, C. V. Dalchow, R. J. D. Miller
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 272 (4), 941–948 (2015)
Dynamics of chemical bond: general discussion
K. Dhoke, M. Zanni, U. Harbola, R. K. Venkatraman, E. Arunan, K.-C. Lin, A. Nenov, J. Skelton, R. J. D. Miller, J. D. Hirst, V. Aquilanti, J. R. Helliwell, S. Keshavamurthy, S. Ramesh, M. Ashfold, A. Pallipurath, P. R. Chowdhury, S. Mukhopadhyay, E. D. Jemmis, H. Medhi, D. Goswami, P. Halder, W. Junge, M. Hariharan, S. K. Singh, S. Umapathy, A. Lakshmannam, M. M. Nielsen, S. Aravamudhan, V. Deckert, K. Ghiggino, K. Tominaga, A. Edwards
Faraday Discussions 177, 121–154 (2015)
Future challenges: general discussion
E. D. Jemmis, S. Aravamudhan, E. Arunan, A. Shahi, N. Hunt, C. Schnedermann, J. R. Helliwell, M. Ashfold, H. P. Goswami, A. Nenov, V. Deckert, P. R. Chowdhury, K. Ghiggino, R. J. D. Miller, D. Goswami, W. Junge, J. Howard, K. Tominaga, T. B. van Driel, M. Zanni, S. Umapathy, M. M. Nielsen, R. Pal, S. Mukamel
Faraday Discussions 177, 517–545 (2015)
Mapping atomic motions with ultrabright electrons: towards fundamental limits in space-time resolution
S. Manz, A. Casandruc, D. Zhang, Y. P. Zhong, R. Loch, A. Marx, T. Hasegawa, L. C. Liu, S. Bayesteh, H. Delsim-Hashemi, M. Hoffmann, M. Felber, M. Hachmann, F. Mayet, J. Hirscht, S. Keskin, M. Hada, S. Epp, K. Flottmann, R. J. D. Miller
Faraday Discussions 177, 467–491 (2015)
Local and Global Dynamics: general discussion
M. Zanni, E. D. Jemmis, S. Aravamudhan, E. Arunan, N. Hunt, S. Mukhopadhyay, H. J. Shepherd, S. Keshavamurthy, A. Dijkstra, M. Ashfold, H. P. Goswami, A. Nenov, H. Medhi, K. Ghiggino, K. Moirangthem, R. J. D. Miller, D. Goswami, S. Umapathy, J. R. Helliwell, J. D. Hirst, S. Meech, S. Mukamel, B. Bagchi, M. B.-L. Cointe
Faraday Discussions 177, 381–403 (2015)
Time and Space resolved Methods: general discussion
M. Zanni, E. D. Jemmis, S. Aravamudhan, A. Pallipurath, E. Arunan, C. Schnedermann, A. K. Mishra, M. Warren, J. D. Hirst, F. John, R. Pal, J. R. Helliwell, K. Moirangthem, S. Chakraborty, A. Dijkstra, P. R. Chowdhury, K. Ghiggino, R. J. D. Miller, S. Meech, H. Medhi, M. Hariharan, F. Ariese, A. Edwards, A. R. Mallia, S. Umapathy, M. M. Nielsen, N. Hunt, Z.-Y. Tian, J. Skelton, G. Sankar, D. Goswami
Faraday Discussions 177, 263–292 (2015)
A New Technology for Applanation Free Corneal Trephination: The Picosecond Infrared Laser (PIRL)
S. J. Linke, A. Frings, L. Ren, A. Gomolka, U. Schumacher, R. Reimer, N.-O. Hansen, N. Jowett, G. Richard, R. J. D. Miller
PLoS One 10 (3), 0120944 (2015)
Early Events in the Nonadiabatic Relaxation Dynamics of 4‑(N,N‑Dimethylamino)benzonitrile
M. Kochman, A. Tajti, C. A. Morrison, R. J. D. Miller
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 11 (3), 1118–1128 (2015)
Ultrafast extraction of proteins from tissues using desorption by impulsive vibrational excitation
M. Kwiatkowski, M. Wurlitzer, M. Omidi, L. Ren, S. Kruber, R. Nimer, W. Robertson, A. Horst, R. J. D. Miller, H. Schlüter
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (1), 285–288 (2015)
The photocycle and ultrafast vibrational dynamics of bacteriorhodopsin in lipid nanodiscs
P. J. M. Johnson, A. Halpin, T. Morizumi, L. S. Brown, V. Prokhorenko, O. P. Ernst, R. J. D. Miller
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (39), 21310–21320 (2014)
Comment on "engineering coherence among excited states in synthetic heterodimer systems"
A. Halpin, P. J. M. Johnson, R. J. D. Miller
Science 344 (6188), 1099-b-1099-b (2014)
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