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  1. 2019
    Journal Article
    A. B. Georgescu, O. E. Peil, A. Disa, A. Georges, and A. J. Millis, "Disentangling lattice and electronic contributions to the metal–insulator transition from bulk vs. layer confined RNiO3," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (29), 14434-14439 (2019).
  2. Journal Article
    T. F. Nova, A. Disa, M. Fechner, and A. Cavalleri, "Metastable ferroelectricity in optically strained SrTiO3," Science 364 (6445), 1075-1079 (2019).
  3. 2018
    Journal Article
    D. Nicoletti, D. Fu, O. Mehio, S. Moore, A. Disa, G. D. Gu, and A. Cavalleri, "Magnetic-Field Tuning of Light-Induced Superconductivity in Striped La2−xBaxCuO4," Physical Review Letters 121 (26), 267003 (2018).
  4. 2017
    Journal Article
    S. Ismail-Beigi, F. J. Walker, A. Disa, K. M. Rabe, and C. H. Ahn, "Picoscale materials engineering," Nature Reviews Materials 2 (11), 17060 (2017).
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