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    Journal Article
    Meyer, M.; Radcliffe, P.; Tschentscher, T.; Costello, J. T.; Cavalieri, A. L.; Grguraš, I.; Maier, A. R.; Kienberger, R.; Bozek, J.; Bostedt, C. et al.; Schorb, S.; Coffee, R.; Messerschmidt, M.; Roedig, C.; Sistrunk, E.; Di Mauro, L. F.; Doumy, G.; Ueda, K.; Wada, S.; Düsterer, S.; Kazansky, A. K.; Kabachnik, N. M.: Angle-Resolved Electron Spectroscopy of Laser-Assisted Auger Decay Induced by a Few-Femtosecond X-Ray Pulse. Physical Review Letters 108 (6), 063007 (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Magerl, E.; Neppl, S.; Cavalieri, A. L.; Bothschafter, E. M.; Stanislawski, M.; Uphues, T.; Hofstetter, M.; Kleineberg, U.; Barth, J. V.; Menzel, D. et al.; Krausz, F.; Ernstorfer, R.; Kienberger, R.; Feulner, P.: A flexible apparatus for attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy of solids and surfaces. Review of Scientific Instruments 82 (6), 063104 (2011)
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