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MPSD Seminar

Markus Kowalewski - Coherent Signatures of Conical Intersections in Ultrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy

The rates and outcomes of virtually all photochemical and photobiological processes are dominated by conical intersections (CIs), which provide a fast sub-100-femtosecond nonradiative pathway back to the ground state. At a CI, the electronic and nuclear degrees of freedom frequencies are comparable and strongly mix due to the breakdown of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. [mehr]


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Eliza Casandruc - Nonlinear Optical Control of Josephson Coupling in Cuprates


MPSD Seminar

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Ra’anan I. Tobey - Transient Grating Spectroscopy in Magnetic Thin Films: Elastic Excitation of a Transient Magnonic Crystal

Control of material properties is one of the driving forces in ultrafast optical sciences. The notion that light can influence material parameters is founded on a wide range of experiments demonstrating optomagnetic control, light induced superconductivity, and the photo induced insulator to metal transition in a wide range of materials. A recent addition to the tool chest of control methodologies is the excitation of acoustic waves, and their effect on intrinsic materials properties; particularly the material magnetization via magnetostrictive effects. [mehr]


MPSD Workshop on Non-equilibrium phenomena at short length scales and in low dimensions

Invited Speakers:Jessica M. Anna, Dimitri N. Basov, Jaqueline Bloch, Andrea Heinrich, Rupert Huber, Frank Koppers, Kurt Kremer, Sebastian Loth (MPSD), Markus B. Raschke, Sebastian Schmidt, Tal Schwartz, Feng Wang. [mehr]


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Non-equlibrium Quantum Matter - Workshop (Mainz)

This workshop will bring together leadings experts, both experimentalists and theorists, who are going to present some of the most exciting recent developments in non-equilibrium many-body physics.Topics will include light-induced superconductivity, topological Floquet states, solitons in superfluids, driven cold atom systems, and many more.If you would like to attend the workshop, please visit our webpage https://www.spice.uni-mainz.de/neqm-workshop-2017/ to find the preliminary program and the online application form, which has to be submitted before February 22nd. [mehr]

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