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    H.-G. Duan, A. Jha, V. Tiwari, R. J. D. Miller, and M. Thorwart, Dissociation and localization dynamics of charge transfer excitons at a donor-acceptor interface, Chemical Physics 528, 110525 (2020).
  2. Journal Article
    H.-G. Duan, M. Thorwart, and R. J. D. Miller, Does electronic coherence enhance anticorrelated pigment vibrations under realistic conditions?, The Journal of Chemical Physics 151 (11), 114115 (2019).
  3. Journal Article
    P. Mehrabi, E.-C. Schulz, R. Dsouza, H. Müller-Werkmeister, F. Tellkamp, R. J. D. Miller, and E. F. Pai, Time-resolved crystallography reveals allosteric communication aligned with molecular breathing, Science 365 (6458), 1167–1170 (2019).
  4. Journal Article
    S. Bittmann, R. Dsouza, K. M. Siddiqui, S. A. Hayes, A. Rossos, G. Corthey, M. Kochman, V. Prokhorenko, R. S. Murphy, H. Schwoerer, and R. J. D. Miller, Ultrafast ring-opening and solvent-dependent product relaxation of photochromic spironaphthopyran, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (33), 18119–18127 (2019).
  5. Journal Article
    P. Mehrabi, C. D. Pietrantonio, T. H. Kim, A. Sljoka, K. Taverner, C. Ing, N. Kruglyak, R. Pomès, E. F. Pai, and R. S. Prosser, Substrate-Based Allosteric Regulation of a Homodimeric Enzyme, Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (29), 11540–11556 (2019).
  6. Journal Article
    H. Timmers, X. Zhu, Z. Li, Y. Kobayashi, M. Sabbar, M. Hollstein, M. Reduzzi, T. J. Martínez, D. M. Neumark, and S. R. Leone, Disentangling conical intersection and coherent molecular dynamics in methyl bromide with attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy, Nature Communications 10, 3133 (2019).
  7. Journal Article
    A. Britz, W. Gawelda, T. A. Assefa, L. L. Jamula, J. T. Yarranton, A. Galler, D. Khakhulin, M. Diez, M. Harder, G. Doumy, A. M. March, É. Bajnóczi, Z. Németh, M. Pápai, E. Rozsályi, D. S. Szemes, H. Cho, S. Mukherjee, C. Liu, T. K. Kim, R. W. Schoenlein, S. H. Southworth, L. Young, E. Jakubikova, N. Huse, G. Vankó, C. Bressler, and J. K. McCusker, Using Ultrafast X-ray Spectroscopy To Address Questions in Ligand-Field Theory: The Excited State Spin and Structure of [Fe(dcpp)2]2+, Inorganic Chemistry 58 (14), 9341–9350 (2019).
  8. Journal Article
    A. Picchiotti, A. Nenov, A. Giussani, V. Prokhorenko, R. J. D. Miller, S. Mukamel, and M. Garavelli, Pyrene, a Test Case for Deep-Ultraviolet Molecular Photophysics, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 (12), 3481–3487 (2019).
  9. Journal Article
    K. M. Krawczyk, R. L. Field, L. C. Liu, M. Dong, G. A. Woolley, and R. J. D. Miller, Illuminating the photoisomerization of a modified azobenzene single crystal by femtosecond absorption spectroscopy, Canadian Journal of Chemistry 97 (6), 488–495 (2019).
  10. Journal Article
    B. Smit, F. Hüwe, N. Payne, O. Olaoye, I. Bauer, J. Pflaum, M. Schwoerer, and H. Schwoerer, Ultrafast Pathways of the Photoinduced Insulator–Metal Transition in a Low‐Dimensional Organic Conductor, Advanced Materials 2019, 1900652 (2019).
  11. Journal Article
    M. Seoane, S. Buhs, P. Iglesias, J. Strauss, A.-C. Puller, J. Müller, H. Gerull, S. Feldhaus, M. Alawi, J. M. Brandner, D. Eggert, J. Du, J. Thomale, P. J. Wild, M. Zimmermann, T. Sternsdorf, U. Schumacher, P. Nollau, D. E. Fisher, and M. A. Horstmann, Lineage-specific control of TFIIH by MITF determines transcriptional homeostasis and DNA repair, Oncogene 38 (19), 3616–3635 (2019).
  12. Journal Article
    L. Y. Wu, F. Tellkamp, M. Khajehpour, W. Robertson, and R. J. D. Miller, Rapid mixing of colliding picoliter liquid droplets delivered through-space from piezoelectric-actuated pipettes characterized by time-resolved fluorescence monitoring, Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (5), 055109 (2019).
  13. Journal Article
    C. P. K. Manchee, J. Möller, and R. J. D. Miller, Highly stable, 100 W average power from fiber-based ultrafast laser system at 1030 nm based on single-pass photonic-crystal rod amplifier, Optics Communications 437, 6–10 (2019).
  14. Journal Article
    N. Medvedev, Z. Fang, C. Xia, and Z. Li, Thermal and nonthermal melting of III-V compound semiconductors, Physical Review B 99 (14), 144101 (2019).
  15. Journal Article
    H. Zhu, Z. Fan, L. Yu, M. A. Wilson, Y. Nagaoka, D. Eggert, C. Cao, Y. Liu, Z. Wei, X. Wang, J. He, J. Zhao, R. Li, Z. Wang, M. Grünwald, and O. Chen, Controlling Nanoparticle Orientations in the Self-Assembly of Patchy Quantum Dot-Gold Heterostructural Nanocrystals, Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (14), 6013–6021 (2019).
  16. Journal Article
    H.-G. Duan, P. Nalbach, R. J. D. Miller, and M. Thorwart, Ultrafast Energy Transfer in Excitonically Coupled Molecules Induced by a Nonlocal Peierls Phonon, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 (6), 1206–1211 (2019).
  17. Journal Article
    I. V. Kochikov, R. J. D. Miller, and A. A. Ischenko, Relativistic Modeling of Ultra-Short Electron Pulse Propagation, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics - JETP 128 (3), 333–340 (2019).
  18. Journal Article
    A. Krutilin, S. Maier, R. Schuster, S. Kruber, M. Kwiatkowski, W. Robertson, R. J. D. Miller, and H. Schlüter, Sampling of Tissues with Laser Ablation for Proteomics: Comparison of Picosecond Infrared Laser and Microsecond Infrared Laser, Journal of Proteome Research 18 (3), 1451–1457 (2019).
  19. Journal Article
    J. L. Wierman, O. Paré-Labrosse, A. Sarracini, J. E. Besaw, M. J. Cook, S. Oghbaey, H. Daoud, P. Mehrabi, I. Kriksunov, A. Kuo, D. J. Schuller, S. Smith, O. P. Ernst, D. M. E. Szebenyi, S. M. Gruner, R. J. D. Miller, and A. D. Finkea, Fixed-target serial oscillation crystallography at room temperature, IUCrJ 6, 305–316 (2019).
  20. Journal Article
    A. A. Ischenko, I. V. Kochikov, and R. J. D. Miller, The effect of Coulomb repulsion on the space-time resolution limits for ultrafast electron diffraction, The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (5), 054201 (2019).
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