Research Groups

Independent Research Groups at the MPSD:

Independent Max-Planck Research Group: Non-equilibrium Transport in Quantum Materials
James McIver
The Non-equilibrium Transport in Quantum Materials group investigates how charge and spin are transported in quantum materials at terahertz frequencies and on ultrafast timescales. more
Independent Max-Planck Research Group: Computational Nanoscale Imaging
Kartik Ayyer
The Computational Nanoscale Imaging group focuses on developing new methods to image nanoscale objects such as biomolecules, primarily using X-rays. more
Lise-Meitner Group: Simulations from Ab Initio Approaches

Mariana Rossi
The Simulations from Ab Initio Approaches group is especially interested in H-bonded systems composed of organic molecules and their interfaces with inorganic systems.

Emmy-Noether Group: Theoretical Description of Pump-Probe Spectroscopies in Solids
Michael Sentef
The Theoretical Description of Pump-Probe Spectroscopies in Solids group focuses on the theory and computer simulation of dynamical processes in solids under irradiation with short laser pulses. more

Research Groups:

Quantum Condensed Matter Dynamics<br />(Dept. Condensed Matter Dynamics)
Andrea Cavalleri
The Condensed Matter Dynamics group focuses on non-equilibrium phenomena in solids. Especially, we investigate how electronic and structural order can emerge as a result external drives, how transitions occur in solids dynamically and how energy flows into and away from a solid ... more
Theory<br /> (Dept. Theory)
Angel Rubio
The Theory group investigates the electronic and structural properties of advanced materials, nanostructures and biomolecules. more
Guest Research Group: Dynamics and Transport in Nanostructures<br /> (Dept. Condensed Matter Dynamics)
Guido Meier
The Dynamics and Transport in Nanostructures group investigates the influence of lateral nanostructuring and of coupling effects of ferromagnetic nanostructures with experimental methods and with micromagnetic simulations. more


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