Institute and Research News

Institute and Research News

MPSD researchers develop a new method for water diffraction in transmission electron microscopes. Their work has appeared as a featured article in the Journal of Chemical Physics. more

Molecular quantum switches get help from the surfaces they are adsorbed on. In porphycene molecules, heavy surface atoms like copper participate in the intramolecular hydrogen tunneling reaction and can cause an increase in the tunneling rate by up to two orders of magnitude at a temperature of around 80 K. more

Research team develops method to detect the dynamics of light on ultrasmall scales using a highly sensitive tracer molecule. The magnesium phthalocyanine molecule acts as a trigger switch which detects changes in the local electro-magnetic fields. more

Researchers gain a direct view of spin waves by placing a diamond chip with a layer of nitrogen vacancy centers on top of a thin magnetic film. Once the spin waves are excited, the NV centers pick up their magnetic fields and enable high-resolution imaging. more

Symmetrically coupled light and matter can produce a new combined state of light and electrons – a state which could be utilized in the design of new materials.  more

Researchers show that short-lived topological states can be tracked with equally short light flashes spiraling like a corkscrew, using signal difference between left- and right-handed light. more

Researchers at the University of Oxford and the MPSD report in Physical Review Letters that a dynamical version of superconductivity, which is generated by periodically shaking the material, is intimately tied to strong electronic correlations and geometric frustration. more

Work by international research team shows that, once pentacene has absorbed light, its molecules develop rocking motions and specific vibrations which play a crucial role in converting the light into electrical energy in solar cells.  more

Young scientists from around the world are now invited to apply for this year's intake of PhD students at the International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging & Structural Dynamics, IMPRS UFAST. more

Gunda Kipp from the Non-Equilibrium Transport in Quantum Materials Group at the MPSD has been awarded the Otto-Stern-Prize for her Masters thesis ‘Towards on-chip THz spectroscopy of quantum materials and heterostructures’. more

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