Ultrafast Beams

Ultrafast Beams

Scientific Support Unit – Sascha Epp & Heinrich Schwoerer

In the SSU Ultrafast Beams we develop and operate ultrafast electron diffractometers for structural dynamics experiments on inorganic and organic crystals.

We develop ultrafast electron guns featuring robust conventional and novel experimental designs as well as sophisticated online diagnostics for the temporal, spatial and coherence properties of the electron beams. We are engaged in new technical approaches for extremely fast and sensitive cameras used in single shot experiments. Moreover, we provide broad expertise on sample preparation by ultramicrotomy of crystals for ultrafast transmission diffraction experiments. We currently operate two femtosecond laser systems with extended spectral ranges for pump probe experiments with photons and electrons.

Our own research projects currently focus on structural manifestations of photoinduced ultrafast phase transitions and electronic excitations in organic semiconductors. This work will be extended to a wider range of materials in line with the growth in our experimental machinery.

Our laboratory welcomes collaboration with internal and external scientists.

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