Max Planck Institutes in Hamburg

There are three Max Planck Institutes in Hamburg: the MPSD, the MPI for Meteorology and the MPI for Comparative and International Private Law. This film, produced by the Hamburg Department of Science for Max Planck Day 2018, introduces them (in German).

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Discovery of light-induced ferroelectricity in strontium titanate

June 14, 2019
Light can be used not only to measure materials’ properties, but also to change them. Especially interesting are those cases in which the function of a material can be modified, such as its ability to conduct electricity or to store information in its magnetic state. A team led by Andrea Cavalleri from the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg used terahertz frequency light pulses to transform a non-ferroelectric material into a ferroelectric one.
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Laser-controlled novel superconductors could pave the way to future quantum computers

May 29, 2019
Controlling the quantum properties of materials is a central challenge in physics as well as an essential step towards using quantum physics for applications or building scalable quantum computers. [more]
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The taming of the light screw

March 21, 2019
Scientists from DESY, the MPSD, the University of Hamburg and the CUI Cluster of Excellence create high-order harmonics from solids with controlled polarization states, taking advantage of both crystal symmetry and attosecond electronic dynamics. The newly demonstrated technique might find intriguing applications in petahertz electronics and for spectroscopic studies of novel quantum materials. [more]
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