Work and Family

Everybody has a family. Sometimes, there is need for additional support, for example child or patient care. There are offers for the reconciliation of career and family within the Max Planck Society. Please have a look at:

MPG cooperation with the family service of “pme”
For MPG employees, pme familienservice offers support to find care opportunities for school-age children up to 14 years. This includes: - finding appropriate child daycare solutions, in a crèche, Kita or else - emergency care, i.e. a very short-term placement of caregivers in emergency cases - the offer of holiday care services, and/or the booking of places with external providers Furthermore, pme offers homecare-eldercare services. For more information, please also contact the equal opportunity representatives or the HR department! more
Reconciliation of family and career
Professional challenges compete not infrequently with private family interests. The Max Planck Society offers extensive support to ensure that the two can be sensibly combined. In summary: We take account of the needs of our employees in our working culture. We operate a family-conscious personnel policy, as we want to be an attractive employer for highly qualified employees in an international environment – and to offer a seal of approval in the process.
Postdoctoral and PhD student parents can apply for a childcare subsidy for children aged between three and 36 months. Please contact the HR department. more
City of Hamburg – Child Daycare
See also the video in the left column.
General information about child daycare, schools and benefits for families in Hamburg
Furthermore, detailed information about the daycare voucher system is provided.
In case you live in Schleswig-Holstein, please also have a look at the webpages of your local community.

Bringing your kids to the CFEL building

In the CFEL building (building 99) at the campus Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, a diaper changing table is available on the ground floor, in the handicapped persons’ restroom.

Please contact your Equal Opportunities Representative, or the HR department!

The new MPSD building (under construction) will offer a fully equipped family office. We are looking forward to it!

Family Office at the University of Hamburg
PhD students also affiliated to the University of Hamburg may also make use of the University of Hamburg’s family office. more
Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation
The Foundation for the promotion of science and research, initiated in 2004, supports talented young women with children. It aims to enable them to create the freedom and mobility required to further their scientific careers. The Foundation wishes to help prevent science from loosing excellent talent. It is aimed specifically at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the fields of experimental natural sciences and medicine.

Upcoming application deadline: November 30, 2019. more
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