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The new MPSD web site has gone live, with a responsive design that adapts to the screens of smartphones and other mobile devices. It is easier to use and features a clean, modern look. more

MPSD post doc and Humboldt fellow Ankit Disa has spent a week networking with Nobel Laureates and hundreds of other scientists at the prestigious annual Lindau Meeting. more

How can the symmetry and topology of a material help us to understand its electronic phases? Are materials really just either conductors or insulators? Charles Kane argues that they can be both at once. more

The MPSD had promised 'Ultrafast Lasers and Ultracool Physics' for the 2019 Girls’ & Boys’ Day – and those who took part were not disappointed! more

The area around the MPSD and the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) is to be transformed from an already thriving research campus into a ‘Science City’ under ambitious new plans from the Hamburg Senate. more

A new independent Max Planck Research Group has taken up its work at the MPSD. The Computational Nanoscale Imaging group, led by Kartik Ayyer, will focus on developing new methods to visualize nanoscale objects such as biomolecules. more

A delegation from the MPSD visited the conference of the German Academic International Network in Boston (GAIN) in September to promote the Institute and the city of Hamburg as a science hub. more

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