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Two young researchers, Albert Liu and Alan Lewis, have been awarded Humboldt Fellowships to pursue their work at the MPSD. Albert Liu is based in Andrea Cavalleri’s group in the Condensed Matter Dynamics Department while Alan Lewis works in Mariana Rossi’s independent Lise Meitner research group, Simulations from ab Initio Approaches. more

MPSD scientist Frank Schlawin and Aaron Kelly, currently a visiting scientist at the MPSD, have been chosen as Young Investigator Group Leaders at the Hamburg Cluster of Excellence ‘CUI : Advanced Imaging of Matter’. more

Young scientists from around the world are now invited to apply for this year's intake of PhD students at the International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging & Structural Dynamics, IMPRS UFAST. more

Gunda Kipp from the Non-Equilibrium Transport in Quantum Materials Group at the MPSD has been awarded the Otto-Stern-Prize for her Masters thesis ‘Towards on-chip THz spectroscopy of quantum materials and heterostructures’. more

The director of the MPSD’s Theory Department, Ángel Rubio, has been elected as a fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc), a body which aims to strengthen European science and scientific cooperation. more

Two scientists at the MPSD have contracted Covid-19. Their diagnoses were confirmed this week. All staff members who have been in touch with the two researchers have been informed by the Institute’s management and told to stay in home quarantine. more

The MPSD is reducing its operations to a minimum level until further notice to protect its staff, guests and partners during the current public health emergency sparked by the corona virus. There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the MPSD as of yet. The wind-down has been decided as a precaution. more

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