Theory Department

Director: Angel Rubio

The Theory Department investigates the electronic and structural properties of advanced materials, nanostructures and biomolecules, and is placing a focus on developing novel theoretical tools and computational codes to investigate and control the electronic response of such systems to arbitrary time-dependent external electromagnetic (quantum) fields. We aim to providing a detailed, efficient, and at the same time accurate microscopic approach for the ab-initio description and control of the dynamics of decoherence and dissipation in quantum many-body systems. We seek to characterize new non-equilibrium states of matter.

Several independent research groups are exploring different approaches and applications including theory of ultrafast phenomena in molecular and condensed matter phases, time-dependent-functional theory for quantum-electrodynamics, non-equlibrium phenomena and new states of matter, time-resolved spectroscopies, theoretical spectroscopy and XFEL/CFEL studies of molecules and solids, strong light-matter interactions and optimal control theory and applications to two-dimensional and correlated materials, nanostructures and biomolecules for energy applications.

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