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Laser-Limited Signatures of Quantum Coherence
R. Tempelaar, A. Halpin, P. J. M. Johnson, J. Cai, R. S. Murphy, J. Knoester, R. J. D. Miller, T. L. C. Jansen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (19), 3042–3048 (2016)
Journal Article
Generalized quantum master equations in and out of equilibrium: When can one win?
A. Kelly, A. Montoya-Castillo, L. Wang, T. E. Markland
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (18), 184105 (2016)
Journal Article
Ultrafast electron diffraction optimized for studying structural dynamics in thin films and monolayers
Structural Dynamics 3 (3), 034302 (2016)
Journal Article
Coupled motion of Xe clusters and quantum vortices in He nanodroplets
C. F. Jones, C. Bernando, R. M. P. Tanyag, C. Bacellar, K. R. Ferguson, L. F. Gomez, D. Anielski, A. Belkacem, R. Boll, J. Bozek, S. Carron, J. Cryan, L. Englert, S. W. Epp, B. Erk, L. Foucar, R. Hartmann, D. M. Neumark, D. Rolles, A. Rudenko, K. R. Siefermann, F. Weise, B. Rudek, F. P. Sturm, J. H. Ullrich, C. Bostedt, O. Gessner, A. F. Vilesov
Physical Review B 93 (18), 180510 (2016)
Journal Article
Numerical study of spectral shaping in high energy Ho:YLF amplifiers
P. Krötz, A. Ruehl, K. Murari, H. Cankaya, F. X. Kärtner, I. Hartl, R. J. D. Miller
Optics Express 24 (9), 9905–9921 (2016)
Journal Article
How two-dimensional brick layer J-aggregates differ from linear ones: Excitonic properties and line broadening mechanisms
A. Dijkstra, H.-G. Duan, J. Knoester, K. A. Nelson, J. Cao
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (13), 134310 (2016)
Journal Article
Spectral Signatures of Ultrafast Spin Crossover in Single Crystal [FeII(bpy)3](PF6)2
R. L. Field, L. C. Liu, W. Gawelda , C. Lu, R. J. D. Miller
Chemistry – A European Journal 22 (15), 5118–5122 (2016)
Journal Article
Charge localization in a diamine cation provides a test of energy functionals and self-interaction correction
X. Cheng, Y. Zhang, E. Jónsson, H. Jónsson, P. M. Weber
Nature Communications 7, 11013 (2016)
Journal Article
Intracavity gain shaping in millijoule-level, high gain Ho:YLF regenerative amplifiers
K. Murari, H. Cankaya, P. Krötz, G. Cirmi, P. Li, A. Ruehl, I. Hartl, F. X. Kärtner
Optics Letters 41 (6), 1114–1117 (2016)
Journal Article
Tracking reaction dynamics in solution by pump–probe X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray liquidography (solution scattering)
J. Kim, K. H. Kim, K. Y. Oang, J. H. Lee, K. Hong, H. Cho, N. Huse, R. W. Schoenlein, T. K. Kim, H. Ihee
Chemical Communications 52 (19), 3734–3749 (2016)
Journal Article
Comparative study of wound healing in rat skin following incision with a novel picosecond infrared laser (PIRL) and different surgical modalities
H. Petersen, F. Tavakoli, S. Kruber, A. Münscher, A. Gliese, N.-O. Hansen, S. Uschold, D. Eggert, W. Robertson, T. Gosau, S. Sehner, M. Kwiatkowski, H. Schlüter, U. Schumacher, R. Knecht, R. J. D. Miller
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 48 (4), 385–391 (2016)
Journal Article
Von Willebrand factor is dimerized by protein disulfide isomerase
S. Lippok, K. Kolšek, A. Löf, D. Eggert, W. Vanderlinden, J. P. Müller, G. König, T. Obser, K. Röhrs, S. Schneppenheim, U. Budde, C. Baldauf, C. Aponte-Santamaría, F. Gräter, R. Schneppenheim, J. O. Rädler, M. A. Brehm
Blood 127 (9), 1183–1191 (2016)
Journal Article
Colloidal crystallite suspensions studied by high pressure small angle x-ray scattering
M. A. Schroer, F. Westermeier, F. Lehmkühler, H. Conrad, A. Schavkan, A. V. Zozulya, B. Fischer, W. Roseker, M. Sprung, C. Gutt, G. Grübel
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (8), 084903 (2016)
Journal Article
Direct longitudinal laser acceleration of electrons in free space
S. Carbajo, E. A. Nanni, L. J. Wong, G. Moriena, P. D. Keathley, G. Laurent, R. J. D. Miller, F. X. Kärtner
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 19 (2), 021303 (2016)
Journal Article
Homogenization of tissues via picosecond-infrared laser (PIRL) ablation: Giving a closer view on the in-vivo composition of protein species as compared to mechanical homogenization
M. Kwiatkowski, M. Wurlitzer, A. Krutilin, P. Kiani, R. Nimer, M. Omidi, A. Mannaa, T. Bussmann, K. Bartkowiak, S. Kruber, S. Uschold, P. Steffen, J. Lübberstedt, N. Küpker, H. Petersen, R. Knecht, N.-O. Hansen, A. Zarrine-Afsar, W. Robertson, R. J. D. Miller, H. Schlüter
Journal of Proteomics 134, 193–202 (2016)
Journal Article
Protein species as diagnostic markers
P. Steffen, M. Kwiatkowski, W. Robertson, A. Zarrine-Afsar, D. Deterra, V. Richter, H. Schlüter
Journal of Proteomics 134, 5–18 (2016)
Journal Article
Quantum Mechanical Wave Packet Dynamics at a Conical Intersection with Strong Vibrational Dissipation
H.-G. Duan, M. Thorwart
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (3), 382–386 (2016)
Journal Article
Time-Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy in the Water Window: Elucidating Transient Valence Charge Distributions in an Aqueous Fe(II) Complex
B. E. V. Kuiken, H. Cho, K. Hong, M. Khalil, R. W. Schoenlein, T. K. Kim, N. Huse
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (3), 465–470 (2016)
Journal Article
Energy transfer in structured and unstructured environments: Master equations beyond the Born-Markov approximations
J. Iles-Smith, A. Dijkstra, N. Lambert, A. Nazir
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (4), 044110 (2016)
Journal Article
Connecting structure, dynamics and viscosity in sheared soft colloidal liquids: a medley of anisotropic fluctuations
F. Westermeier, D. Pennicard, H. Hirsemann, U. H. Wagner, C. Rau, H. Graafsma, P. Schall, M. P. Lettinga, B. Struth
Soft Matter 12 (1), 171–180 (2016)
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