From the classroom into the laser laboratory

Young people experience scientific research during Girls' and Boys' Day

May 03, 2018
Laser beams, laboratories and fundamental physics: just some of the things which 21 young people experienced first-hand during the Girls’ and Boys’ Day at the MPSD.

The event on 26 April gave them an insight into the research and working lives of MPSD scientists. The Girls’ and Boys’ Day aims to introduce teenagers to occupations which are dominated by the opposite sex.

The pupils learned in small groups how scientists control the path of laser beams with the aid of mirrors and lenses – and why. They used light flashes to generate slow motion images and gain an understanding of spectroscopy.

In a laser laboratory, MPSD scientist Gregor Jotzu explained his quest for materials which conduct electricity without resistance. The upside-down pendulum experiment also proved fascinating, as well as the whiteboards full of formulae all around the institute building. 

After four guided events which were peppered with questions and comments, the young scientists went home, each clutching an MPSD bag full of useful things. We would be delighted to see them back at the Institute one day – perhaps as students or young scientists!

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