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New Humboldt Fellows to work on optical cavities

The MPSD has welcomed two new Humboldt Fellows to the Theory Department. Carlos Mauricio Bustamante and Hang Liu have each been awarded postdoctorate Humboldt Research Fellowships to carry out their own research at the Institute. more

Electrons in MoSe<sub>2</sub> behave collectively and independently

The electronic properties of MoSe2 are determined by the bonds of Mo and Se atoms, to which both elements contribute equally. But when exposed to ultraviolet light, the Mo signal clearly shows a signature dominated by collective processes while the Se signal suggests that the electrons act independently. more

Study shows that Ta<sub>2</sub>NiSe<sub>5</sub> is not an excitonic insulator

An international research team has demonstrated unambiguously that the bulk crystal Ta2NiSe5 is not an excitonic insulator, settling the debate around the microscopic origin of symmetry breaking in the material. more

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