Two Covid-19 cases confirmed at the MPSD

March 26, 2020

Two scientists at the MPSD have contracted Covid-19. Their diagnoses were confirmed this week. All staff members who have been in touch with the two researchers have been informed by the Institute’s management and told to stay in home quarantine, together with their families. We wish both our colleagues a speedy recovery.

On 16 March, the MPSD had already decided to reduce its operations to a minimum as a preventative measure in line with many other scientific organizations. Most staff and guests have worked from home since then, apart from a small, designated team looking after any remaining essential tasks at the Institute.

The Institute management has informed the Hamburg Department of Health as well as the MPSD’s cooperation partners at the University of Hamburg, the Deutsches Elektronensynchrotron (DESY) about the Covid-19 cases.

Organizations right across the Bahrenfeld research campus have reduced their operations and adopted measures to slow down the spread of the virus and protect their staff, guests and the public.

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