Communication and Conflict Management (IMPRS UFAST skills course)

IMPRS UFAST skills course

  • Beginn: 14.12.2020 09:30
  • Ende: 16.12.2020 12:30
  • Vortragender: Alexander Britz
  • Ort: CFEL (Bldg. 99)
  • Raum: Seminar Room IV
  • Gastgeber: IMPRS UFAST
Communication and Conflict Management (IMPRS UFAST skills course)


Do you work in larger collaborations with other scientists? Are you struggling to get the feedback you are looking for from your supervisor or peer? Or do you just need to work out with your colleague who can use the laser during the next days? Communication is vital – especially for young scientists – and conflicts cannot always be prevented.

In this course you will learn skills which help you to efficiently communicate with colleagues and supervisors, e.g. to define common levels of expectation and to prevent conflicts. We will discuss further how to resolve conflicts if they occur, or how to minimize their negative outcome.

14th – 15th December 2020
09:30h – 16:00h

16th December 2020
09:30h – 12:30h

Poster (pdf)

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