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A talk about how to succeed in challenging environments. Dr. Gregor Wittke, occupational psychologist shares his experience and know-how on coping with stress and high demands in the work place.The talk features a short overview of scientific findings on the topic as well as practical hands on strategies to apply in everyday life. Enjoy a mix of facts and numbers with practical thought experiments and even minimal movement exercises to gain confidence and composure or recover energy and determination.Besides those aspects concerning a helpful attitude to succeed in challenging environments and how to gain and maintain it, this talk will also include a kind of manual for delimiting yourself from an overwhelming amount of job tasks and focus on your own priorities. [mehr]
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Details to be found in the intranet soon. [mehr]

Ultrafast single-molecule videography and choreography

MPSD Seminar
To understand the function of condensed matter, it would be desirable to directly watch its atomistic building blocks dynamically interact on their intrinsic length and time scales. Recently, lightwave electronics has made this long-standing dream come true. The idea is to exploit the carrier wave of light as an ultrafast, contact-free bias to interrogate and control the nanocosm. I will first review how lightwaves can drive electrons in solids into surprising sub-cycle quantum motion. By combining this idea with the sub-angstrom spatial resolution of scanning tunnelling microscopy we can set an ultrashort time window for single-electron tunnelling into a single orbital and record first atom-scale slow-motion movies of individual vibrating molecules. Finally, I will show how to directly exert femtosecond atomic forces, which can selectively choreograph a coherent structural motion of a single-molecule switch in its electronic ground state. This stunningly direct access to the atomistic world may tailor key elementary dynamics in nature and steer (bio)chemical reactions or ultrafast phase transitions, on their intrinsic spatio-temporal scales. [mehr]
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