Academic & Scientific Writing (MINGS & IMPRS UFAST (Skills Course))

MINGS & IMPRS UFAST (Skills Course)

  • Beginn: 25.10.2021 15:30
  • Ende: 06.12.2021 17:00
  • Vortragender: Mark Edwards
  • Ort: online
  • Gastgeber: IMPRS UFAST
Academic & Scientific Writing (MINGS & IMPRS UFAST (Skills Course))


This course examines how to develop powerful focus in your writing an infallible guide to developing the best structure, and effectively communicating your ideas to your target audience We look at how to systematically improve the impact, clarity and accuracy of your chosen words You will receive a toolbox of methods including a range of easily applied ‘quick tips’ that will improve how seriously your ideas are taken.
You will receive a clear process to follow when approaching an important piece of writing How to start, develop and express your ideas plus a checklist of conceptual and practical filters to apply to your work to edit and improve your earlier drafts shaping your writing from ‘good enough’ to ‘exactly fitted to its purpose’.

The outline of this 7 part online course of 90 minute modules is as follows:

Part 1: Introduction:
Monday 25th Oct (15.30 17.00)
Part 2: Productivity:
Monday 1st Nov (15.30 17.00)
Part 3: The power of words:
Monday 8th Nov (15.30 17.00)
Part 4: Editing:
Monday 15th Nov (15.30 17.00)
Part 5: Editing:
Monday 22nd Nov (15.30 17.00)
Part 6: Consolidation Exercises:
Monday 29th Nov (15.30 17.00)
Part 7: Writing workshop & Conclusion
Monday 6th Dec (15.30 17.00)

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