Workshops for PhD students on Bahrenfeld Campus - Conflict resolution skills


  • Start: May 18, 2017 09:00 AM (Local Time Germany)
  • End: May 19, 2017 05:30 PM
  • Speaker: Diana Deterra
  • Location: DESY, building 1b
  • Room: Seminar Room 4b
Workshops for PhD students on Bahrenfeld Campus - Conflict resolution skills
How to understand conflicts & solve them Conflicts appear in all areas of life and are sometimes inevitable. Since they are highly emotionally demanding, we often find it challenging to keep our mind clear and constructively think about a solution.

May be you loose your temper, or you step back to avoid a discussion, keeping the inner conflict. Which conflict-pattern you might have - If you haven't found your way yet, to constructively talk about „it" to create a solution on a common basis, a conflict resolution training will help you. It will aid you to self reflect your own behavior to find solutions faster and more easily. The better we understand our own
reactions, feelings and mechanisms, the better we are able to control ourselves in challenging situations and in consequence, stay calm enough to act in a solution oriented manner.

The methods and skills that are taught can directly be applied to an actual conflict during the training. Please be aware, that your own willingness to openly and honestly reflect personal conflict situations are a substantial key to the success of the training. Main topics of the training:

  • Definition of a conflict
  • Analysis of a personal conflict
  • The link between my values, motifs and conflicts
  • What are my conflict resolution patterns
  • Basics of non-violent communication
  • Elaboration of a conflict resolution guideline for solution oriented conversations
  • Possible actions during conflicts
  • What to do, when my personal boundaries are crossed
  • Methods to regain objectivity

The duration and the specific content of the (group or one-to-one) training will be adapted to the individual demands of the participant(s).

Dr. Diana Deterra is a systemic management coach and has a PhD in chemistry. Diana has a broad industry knowledge about the service and health sector. She is familiar with the demands, processes and problems of the analytical and scientific area. Diana has some 8 years of professional experience in research institutions, as Chief Scientific Officer, and in the areas of start-ups, innovation and business development.

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