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Working Paper (4)

  1. 2019
    Working Paper
    M. Buzzi, G. Jotzu, A. Cavalleri, J. I. Cirac, E. A. Demler, B. I. Halperin, M. D. Lukin, T. Shi, Y. Wang, and D. Podolsky, Higgs-mediated optical amplification in a non-equilibrium superconductor. 28-Aug-2019.
  2. Working Paper
    B. Liu, M. Först, M. Fechner, D. Nicoletti, J. Porras, B. Keimer, and A. Cavalleri, Two pump frequency resonances for light-induced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6.5? 20-May-2019.
  3. 2015
    Working Paper
    D. Nicoletti, M. Mitrano, A. Cantaluppi, and A. Cavalleri, Comment on "Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of transient metallic and superconducting states" (arXiv:1506.06758). .
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