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    Journal Article
    Malavolti, L.; Briganti, M.; Hänze, M.; Serrano, G.; Cimatti, I.; McMurtrie, G.; Otero, E.; Ohresser, P.; Totti, F.; Mannini, M. et al.; Sessoli, R.; Loth, S.: Tunable Spin–Superconductor Coupling of Spin 1/2 Vanadyl Phthalocyanine Molecules. Nano Letters 18 (12), pp. 7955 - 7961 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Rolf-Pissarczyk, S.; Yan, S.; Malavolti, L.; Burgess, J. A. J.; McMurtrie, G.; Loth, S.: Dynamical Negative Differential Resistance in Antiferromagnetically Coupled Few-Atom Spin Chains. Physical Review Letters 119 (21), 217201 (2017)
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