Student Machine Shop

Student Machine Shop

The student machine shop of the MPSD allows its users to make their own workpieces from metal or plastic.

The Student Machine Shop (SMS) went into operation in spring 2016 as a complement to the machine shop of the University of Hamburg.

The institute’s scientists and technicians as well as PhD students of the IMPRS-UFAST can use the SMS to make their own parts out of metal or plastic or modify their already existing workpieces. After a machine instruction, all users work independently, but under supervision of the shop manager. Consultation and support on production-ready designs and dimensioning can also be offered.

Basic experience in metal processing is helpful but not necessary when working in the SMS. All users will be instructed, guided, trained and supported individually to reach their defined goals. To a limited volume, complex and demanding parts can also be ordered at the SMS. They will be machined by the shop manager.

All users will receive safety instructions before using any of the tools or machines. Safety and technical trainings are offered in German and English.

The SMS is well equipped with hand tools, precise machine tools and measuring devices to ensure a professional working environment.

Available Machine Tools

Milling-Machine DECKEL FP3 NC 2803

Manual and CNC control Dialog 4
Technical Details:
- Speed range: 31–6300 rpm
- Feed: 2–3600 mm/min (continuous)
- Rapid Traverse: 4000 mm/min
- Travels: X/Y/Z = 400 mm
- Sleeves: moving-out vertical and horizontal spindle with SK40 and hydromechanical clamping
- Table: fixed table 700 mm × 460 mm, max. load 350 kg
- Electric driving power: 3 kW

General Purpose Center Lathe GDW LZ 280 G

Machine tool accuracy in accordance with DIN 8605,
with 3 Axis Digital Display
Technical Details:
- Centre height: 165 mm
- Swing over bed: 330 mm
- Swing over cross slide: 190 mm
- Distance between centers: 670 mm
Machine Drive:
- Speed range: 60–3000 rpm
- Number of rotation speeds: 18
- Electric driving power: 2.5 kW

Upright Drilling Machine ALZMETALL ALZSTAR 40/SV

With Digital Speed Indicator and Automatic Feed
Technical Details:
- Max. drill diameter into solid steel: 40 mm
- Feeds: 0.1 and 0.2 mm/rev.
- Tapping:
- Steel: M20
- Gray Cast Iron: M30
- Spindle tapper: MK3
- Spindle speed range: 160–2250 rpm (continuous)
- Electric driving power: 1.9 kW

Bench Drilling Machine XION BT 13

Technical Details:
- Max. drill diameter: 13 mm (steel)
- Spindle speeds (rpm): 450 – 850 – 1400 – 2300 – 4000
- Distance spindle to column: 180 mm
- Max. workpiece height: 300 mm
- Electric driving power: 550 W

Manual Pulldown Vertical Circular Saw MEP Tiger 352

Saw machine with two way mitring, 0°–60° left and 0°–45° right. Measuring rod / stop with millimeter scale for repeat cuts.
Technical Details:
- Cutting capacity at 0°: rectangle: 180 mm × 95 mm, square: 95 mm, round: 115 mm
- Blade rotation speeds (rpm): 15 – 30 – 45 – 90
- Blade size: 350 mm × 2.5 mm
- Three-phase motor: 1.8 / 2.5 kW

Double Station Tool Grinding and Lapping Machine REMA ST 2/125

Machine is suitable for professional grinding of lathe tools and turnplates (inserts)
Technical Details:
- Grinding wheels diameter: 125 mm
- Power: 370 W
- Speed: 2900 rpm
- Grinding motor with reverse switch for left-handed and right-handed rotation
- Spring-loaded support table. Axially adjustable and fixable, infinitely variable adjustment of table inclination from −5° to +15°, with scale and clamping lever.

CNC Engraving Machine Gravograph IS400

Technical Details:
- Max. engraving area: approx. A4
- X-Axis: 305 mm
- Y-Axis: 210 mm
- Travel Z-Axis: 40 mm
- Spindle opening: 116 mm
- Spindle speed range:
- 11,000–20,000 rpm (continuous)
- USB interface
- engraving software: GrovoStyle7
- Import of all common B/W vector graphic files

Shop Safety Rules

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