Ofer Neufeld joins Theory Department as Humboldt Fellow

Theoretical physicist Ofer Neufeld has been offered both a Humboldt Fellowship and a Marie Curie Fellowship to pursue his research in the MPSD’s Theory Department. He will investigate ultrafast dynamics in strongly light-driven condensed matter systems in Ángel Rubio’s group with funding from the Humboldt Foundation.

“Specifically, we are looking to develop a deep theoretical understanding of the different processes that occur in solids irradiated by intense laser pulses,” Ofer explains. “We will investigate how these are affected by different types of interactions – for example light-matter interactions, correlations between electrons, coupling to the lattice and so on – and by the intrinsic chemical and physical properties of the system.”

He hopes to utilize this understanding in the creation of new states of matter out of equilibrium and to develop spectroscopic tools for quantum materials. 

Prior to coming to the MPSD, Ofer completed his PhD in the physics department at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Oren Cohen. There he worked on developing novel ultrafast spectroscopies for atomic and molecular systems such as chiral molecules, with a particular focus on high harmonic generation.

Ofer views the Fellowship as a tremendous boost for his research: “I am excited to start as a Humboldt fellow and honored to have been awarded such prestigious scholarships. The fellowship will give me freedom to work in different directions and will advance our project and scientific goals.”

Since the start of this year, the Humboldt Foundation has bestowed Research Fellowships on three scientists now based at the MPSD: To Ofer Neufeld, Albert Liu (research group Quantum Condensed Matter Dynamics - Andrea Cavalleri) and Albert Lewis (Lise Meitner Group Simulations from Ab Initio Approaches: Structure and Dynamics from Quantum Mechanics - Mariana Rossi).

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