These videos showcase MPSD researchers presenting their work in a range of settings - from scientific talks to public outreach events. Any external content is posted with the permission of the relevant organisation / individual.


“Predicting and Controlling Scalable Quantum Systems” by Prineha Narang

Quantum matter hosts spectacular excited-state and nonequilibrium effects, but many of these phenomena are still technologically underexplored. In this talk for the Virtual Science Forum, Prineha Narang discusses the microscopic dynamics, decoherence and optically-excited collective phenomena in quantum matter at finite temperatures.

Brebis Bleaney Memorial Lecture 2021: "Driven quantum materials" by Andrea Cavalleri

Professor Andrea Cavalleri from the Department of Physics at Oxford and the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Germany discusses how coherent electromagnetic radiation at Tera-Herz frequencies can be used to drive quantum solids periodically, leading to non-equilibrium magnetic, ferroelectric and superconducting phases ...

"Cavity quantum materials" by Michael Sentef

Recent years have seen tremendous progress in utilizing ultrafast light-matter interaction to control the macroscopic properties of quantum materials [1]. Many of the most intriguing effects are based on nonthermal pathways, with the material (quantum many-body system) being driven away from its thermal equilibrium by strong laser pulses ...


Max Planck Day: 'Flying Professors' with Alexandra Göbel

Alexandra Göbel and other scientists from the three Max Planck Institutes in Hamburg held talks aboard the historic ‘Hanseat’ underground train to mark Max Planck Day. The ‘Flying Professors’ round trips on 14 September 2018 proved a great success.

Corresponding institute news: 'Flying professors' give science talks on trains

Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids for Andrea Cavalleri

A short interview with the publisher of Solid State communications and Professor Andrea Cavalleri to discuss his work that lead to the prize and a future outlook of his research at the (Elsevier booth), American Physical Society’s 2018 March Meeting in Los Angeles, California.

Corresponding institute news: Andrea Cavalleri honoured with Isakson Prize

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