Humboldt Fellowship for I-Te Lu

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has awarded a Research Fellowship to I-Te Lu, who will study light-matter interaction using Quantum Electrodynamics Density Functional Theory (QEDFT) in Angel Rubio’s group at the MPSD.

I-Te Lu trained as an experimentalist in Taiwan for five years, gaining a BA in Materials Science and Engineering and an MA in Applications of Synchrotron Radiation on Materials. He then completed his PhD in Materials Science at the California Institute of Technology in the United States. His work with Marco Bernardi at Caltech focused on charged carrier scattering and transport mechanisms in the presence of atomic impurities of defects in doped materials, using ab initio methods.

Lu looks forward to his work in the MPSD’s Theory Department, where he will focus on the interaction of light with solid-state materials in optical cavities. “We will also investigate the quantum effect of photons on color centers like atomic defects or impurities in 2D materials, one of the potential platforms for quantum information and communication,” he says.

“The Humboldt Fellowship gives me the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with researchers working on ab inito light-matter interaction and supports me to push the frontier of the field and to apply the methods to solid-state materials, which are the basic building blocks for many modern applications. We expect that the results from our work will benefit researchers in designing new materials and understanding the delicate microscopic mechanisms of the light-matter interactions in solid-state materials.”

Lu and his colleagues will also construct and provide open-source codes for researchers using first principles methods and other interested communities. He began his work at the MPSD in October.

Humboldt Research Fellowships are awarded to young scientists intending to carry out long-term research in Germany. The scientists choose a research institution and a host for the duration of their research stay.

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