Bernhard Heß Prize for Frank Schlawin

Frank Schlawin has been awarded the Bernhard Heß Prize 2022 of the Regensburg University Foundation. The prize is awarded every year in the Department of Physics at the University of Regensburg.

As a Young Investigator Group Leader in the Cluster of Excellence "CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter" and guest scientist at the MPSD, Frank Schlawin conducts research at the interfaces of quantum optics, solid state physics and chemical physics.

His research focuses on the theoretical description of the interaction of quantum light with complex materials. The title of his guest lecture in Regensburg is Quantum light in sensing, imaging and spectroscopySchlawin was awarded the Springer Thesis Award 2016 for his doctoral thesis on quantum spectroscopy. In 2019 the Werner-von Siemens-Ring Foundation honored him for his groundbreaking work on the use of the quantum properties of light for spectroscopy and for the control of complex quantum systems. His host is Andrea Cavalleri, who leads the MPSD’s Condensed Matter Dynamics Department.

The award "Dozentur Professor Bernhard Heß" worth €2,000 is intended to give outstanding external young researchers the opportunity to hold guest lectures in Regensburg and serves to enrich the teaching offered at the university.


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