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IMPRS-UFAST core course

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Basics of chemistry and biochemistry - IMPRS-UFAST core course

  • Beginning: Nov 6, 2018 10:00
  • End: Nov 15, 2018 13:30
  • Speaker: Melanie Schnell, Marta San Valls and Sam Horrell
  • In this course, chemistry will mainly be understood as reactions. The course gives an overview about the basics of reaction chemistry and discuss what is already known and what can be measured in the laboratory nowadays (i.e. describing the current frontiers and where the research performed at CFEL can make a difference). In the biochemistry part, the basic principles of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, their replication etc.) and proteins, their structure and function etc. will be discussed. It will be interesting to work out where the new coherent sources can advance the field.
  • Location: CFEL (Bldg. 99)
  • Room: Seminar Room O1.060

CFEL/building 99, SemRm 01.060

06. & 7. Nov. 2018/ 10:00h - 13:00h + 15:00h - 18:00h (Lab)

13. & 15. Nov. 2018/ 10:00h - 13:30h

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