Sub-cycle terahertz quantum metrology

Max Planck Quantum Matter Seminar

  • Date: Feb 18, 2021
  • Time: 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus
  • Harvard University / ETH Zurich
  • Location: online via Zoom
  • Host: Gregor Jotzu

The metrology of terahertz waves is a prerequisite for future classical and quantum applications in communications, sensing or spectroscopy. Electro-optic transduction, the technique by which a terahertz signal is mapped onto an optical or near-infrared signal, has emerged as one of the most sensitive metrology techniques that also provides sub-picosecond temporal resolution. As such, it has been employed to detect quantum terahertz fields for the first time. Recent advances in the miniaturization of these transducers target increased sensitivities, a small footprint and compatibility with large photonic architectures. In this talk, I will outline the basics of electric field metrology at the quantum limit and discuss how integrated photonics could open entirely new avenues in the area of spatially and temporally coincidental terahertz detection.

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