Archiv 2016

Raum: Seminar Room I-III, EG.076-080 Gastgeber: Angel Rubio Ort: CFEL (Bldg. 99)

Annual General Meeting at MPSD


Electronic and Structural Dynamics in Solids: A Momentum-Resolved View on Microscopic Coupling and Correlation Phenomena

MPSD Seminar
The coupling and mutual dependence of electronic and vibrational degrees of freedom is at the heart of microscopic as well as macroscopic phenomena in condensed matter. Ultrafast pump-probe techniques provide experimental access to these coupling and correlation effects by revealing the response of electrons and lattice to specific excitation of a material. [mehr]

Theoretical challenges: simulating materials out of equilibrium

MPSD Theory Workshop
The workshop covers advances and challenges in the simulation of materials and the description of light-matter interactions in molecules and solids. [mehr]
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